Spa Menu


The Spa at Humura Resorts blends natural elements, local ingredients benefits and personalized service to create a unique wellness experience connected with nature.Our variety of services offered for individuals and couples, help guests restore balance and bring peace to their mind, body and spirit.Humura spa menu includes massage therapies, Ugandan customs, holistic treatments, ephemeral and signature treatments, facials, beauty touches & special spa journeys.


Massage Therapy

1.Hot Stone:        120,000 Ugx / 1:30 min. 
                                   70,000 Ugx /    40 min.

2.Swedish:                80,000 Ugx / 1 hour.
                                      50,000 Ugx / 30 min.

3.Deep Tissue:     100,000 Ugx / 1:30 min.
                                    60,000 Ugx / 40 min.

4.Reflexology:        150,000 Ugx  /  1 hour.
                                     80,000 Ugx  /  30 min.

5.Sports Massage:  50,000 Ugx / 30 min.

1.Full body scrub:               80,000 Ugx

2.Facial scrubs (apricot):    30,000 Ugx

   Facial scrub (organic):    50,000 Ugx

3.Foot and hand scrub:     30,000 Ugx



 1.Organic facials :                    150,000 Ugx

 2.Manual facials :                    100,000 Ugx


Waxing & Depilation

1.Full body:      150,000 Ugx

2 Back waxing:  50,000 Ugx

3. Leg waxing:   50,000 Ugx


Other Services  
1.Pedicure 30,000 Ugx
2.Manicure 20,000 Ugx
3.Hair regrowing(organic), Turning gray hair to normal. 

Book Your Spa Experience

The Spa at Humura is a mystical place where you can easily escape the everyday routine for a true wellness and natural experience.

Pamper yourself with a spa treatment; spend time with your soul-mate taking pleasure in one of our couple’s spa packages; treat your muscles, lungs and soul; jumpstart your day in our fitness center; delight your senses with fresh and tasty local food; visit us.

The Spa Policies

  • We kindly ask you to arrive at the spa 30 minutes prior to your treatment.
  • Please remember to leave your belongings and valuables in your room safety deposit box. We are not responsible for loss of valuables, during your visit.
  • We politely ask you to take the time to get to know the appropriate spa etiquette in our Spa Directory.
  • For your comfort and privacy, the use of cell phones and cameras is not authorized in the spa area.
  • If you have any medical condition that we should be aware off, please inform it to the spa reception. A medical form should be filled prior to your appointment, to take care of your health and wellbeing.
  • We remind you to bring your bathing suit to enjoy our natural pool, located at the relaxation spa area and also enjoy our outdoor hydromassage experience pool.
  • If you would like to cancel your appointment, we ask you to call the spa at least 8 hours prior to your treatment. Cancelations made with less than 8 hours in advance and no shows will be charged for 100% of the spa services.
  • Spa services are not available for guests 12 years and younger

Fitness Center

Reserve a spot in our fitness center for your daily workout routine. Humura Gym is located at the hotel main building and is open daily and it is fully equipped with cutting-edge equipment.